Content Management Systems

Mile3 is a highly-specialized provider of web-based Content Management Systems for complex use cases. We relish the challenge of finding elegant and simple solutions to punishing usability problems, and are always on the hunt for methods to streamline user interactions.

System Capabilities:

  • File Uploads (Large Files over 512MB)
  • Multimedia Galleries (Video, Photos, or a Combination)
  • Scheduled Content (Start Publishing/Stop Publishing @ One-Second Intervals)
  • Content Revisions (Up to 75 Previously Edited Page Versions Saved)
  • Copy and Paste from Word (Automatic Cleanup of Text Output)
  • Image AutoCrop, AutoScale, AutoStyle (No Need to Pre-Edit Images)
  • Flexible User Access Levels (Restrict Content Editing by Role or Department)
  • Forms and Surveys (Stores Records, Exports as CSV, Email Receipt and Results)
  • Calendaring System (Including Event RSVPs)
  • Mapping and Geocoding (Any Event, Asset or Office Can Be Mapped and Plotted on a Cluster Map)
  • User-Language Content (Delivers Multilingual Content Based on User's Browser Default Language)
  • And Many More Features ...

Our services include web site architecture, deployment and ongoing management. Specifically, we work with proven LAMP-based Content Management Systems capable of serving as web-application frameworks. We provide responsive web sites (ready for desktop, mobile and tablet) to provide remarkable user experiences.